What is Property?

  • 1.0
    Colorado proposes that pets will no longer be considered property.
  • 2.0
    The duty to use your property in a neighbor's interest.
  • 3.0
    Dogs R Us Free
    The right of a landowner to exclude others.
  • 4.0
    Attractive nuisance and how to write a memo.
  • 5.0
    Property/liability rules and crystal/mud rules.

Acquiring Property

Intellectual Property

Estates and Future Interests

  • 19.0
    Life estates. The holder of a life estate wants to cut a grove of trees.
  • 20.0
    How should waste be defined where the grantor retains a life estate?
  • 21.0
    Rule against perpetuities. Is an option to purchase within the RAP?
  • 22.0
    Determinable fee v. fee on a condition subsequent. "To Ross Martin and his heirs on the understanding that the land will only be used for a softball field."



  • 29.0
    Constructive eviction in a commercial setting. Circuit City opens next to a family restaurant.
  • 30.0
    Landlord/tenant. Is the new arrangement a sublease or an assignment?
  • 31.0
    Landlord/tenant. The duty of a landlord to secure access to a leased trout pond.
  • 32.0
    Landlord/tenant. A child is injured in leased premises.
  • 33.0
    Landlord/tenant. A photography shop finds the water is unsuitable in its new location.
  • 34.0
    Landlord/tenant. Mitigation where a tenant breaches a lease.
  • 35.0
    Landlord/tenant. Mice as a breach of habitability.
  • 36.0
    Landlord tenant. A landlord's business encroaches on a tenant's property. What is the remedy?

Land Sales

  • 37.0
    Sales of real property. Liquidated damages for the breach of a land sale contract.
  • 38.0
    Mortgages. Is this a sale, lease, or mortgage?
  • 39.0
    Mortgages. How to foreclose on a mortgage.
  • 40.0
    Sales of real property. Does an old non-compete clause render a title unmarketable?
  • 41.0
    Sales of real property. Specific performance for promise to buy land.
  • 42.0
    Fixtures. Must the computers and the wiring stay with the property?
  • 43.0
    Sales of real property. Does the risk of rezoning fall on buyer or seller?
  • 44.0
    Sales of real property. Does a streaked roof breach a seller's warranty?

Easements and Covenants

  • 45.0
    Light easements.
  • 46.0
    Covenants. A real estate developer's promise does not make it to the deed.
  • 47.0
    Easements gross and appurtenant. The owner of an easement to fish tries to go commercial.
  • 48.0
    Implied reciprocal negative easements. A minimum set-back is in some deeds, not others.
  • 49.0
    Easements by prescription, necessity. A Texas case is appealed.
  • 50.0
    Running covenants. Does a promise not to keep dogs run with the land?
  • 51.0
    Interpretation of covenants.

Government Restrictions on Use

Takings and Condemnation